Sisters: To & Fro is a collaborative photographic project between myself and my sister examining our visual perceptions in the otherwise mundane and familiar environments of our daily routines. We began the project in July 2015 and recorded through a dedicated blogspot.

As sisters we are close and we both have fiercely creative natures so are always looking for new ways to collaborate. At the moment though, we live in different cities so the times when we see each other face-to-face are limited.

We wanted to find something we could both do easily and quickly, something we could fit into our busy lives that wouldn't take too much time away from other important projects. We wanted to build a collaborative project together that would serve to enhance our own practises, playing to our individual strengths as well as providing creative freedom.

With all this in mind we developed a set of guidelines that would work for both of us, parameters within which we had to work in order to create unity throughout the project but which required no preparation or specialist equipment and therefore was easily transportable and instant. Using the cameras in-built on our phones, every day for thirty days, we took two photographs: one downwards towards our feet and one upwards in the same spot looking towards the sky/ceiling.

After the thirty days, as a development and extension on top of the work created, I produced a one-off Artists' book. I used the book format to examine the sense of place we found within the project and explore the story of repetition, colour and pattern within the photographs themselves. Though on the blogspot the photographs are displayed in date order, I followed a more instinctual visual story through the book.