This Is (Not) Art : A Game For Many Participants is a project combining Participatory Art and Sticker Bombing with Zine Making via an Interactive Art Game.


The project is founded on the idea that the experience of Art is completely subjective and personal. We are all curators of our own environment: picking and choosing what we like and don't like instinctually, instantaneously, consciously and subconsciously. As humans we have the power not only to categorise the world around us within the parameters of our own perceptions and aesthetics, but also to shift our understanding and call into question the very workings of our own and others' reasonings, thoughts and ideas.


This project harnesses that inner critic and curator, as well as challenging the participant to engage more fully with their environment on an every day basis, while questioning the fundamental nature of art in all that we see and do.


Zines, published sporadically, examine the contrast in perception of Art and Not Art by curating the images that Participants have produced into a series. I am interested in exploring people's ideas aesthetically and conceptually, provoking new thought and curiosity in Participants at every level of interaction with the project.


Dates Published


Vol. 1 24th February 2016

Vol. 2 21st March 2016

Vol. 3 29th April 2016

Vol. 4 17th June 2016

Vol. 5 3rd August 2016


The Game itself is very simple: Participants, armed with one or more stickers, are asked to move around an environment of their own choosing at their own pace; categorising the world as they go into Art / Not Art and labelling accordingly; then upload a photograph of their choices to Tumblr or Instagram using the hashtag #thisisnotartgame or emailing the images to


I am not collecting or holding any identifying data in correlation to the images; by participating you are donating anonymously to the project.


Looking for Inspiration? ThisIs(Not)Art has a dedicated Tumblr Blog Thisis--Not--Art and Instagram Blog ThisIsNotArtGame. To see what other Participants have found search for the tag #thisisnotartgame


Want to Play? As the title says - this project is meant for Many Participants - the more the merrier! Get in touch using the contact form below.