Detr i/us: (2017) is a multi-layered and multi-faceted project. The title is a deliberate misspelling of the word Detritus - referring both to the rubbish we leave behind us, and the fallibility of our own memories.


I am attempting to find a way to de-value objects which have personal meaning- stripping them bare and turning them back into that which they truly are: objects, without the history or value that has been placed upon them.


Detr i/us: AA BD Part 1 Preview - video 06:21mins - In this first experiment with my own memory, I have filmed the opening of a box filled with mementos from a particular time and re-experiencing the feelings in "real time" for the camera. Partially seeking to sensationalise - but partially seeking to simply state facts. Speaking from behind the camera is Mandy Shannon, in a role to help move the process along and guide me through the event. This film was inspired by John Smith's Home Suite (1994).


Detr i/us: AtoV - Artists' Book in development - In this second experiment I have taken two sets of mementos with intertwining stories and, through a methodology of cataloguing, attempted to de-emotionalise them - taking away their power to provoke memories.